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Visit Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA

5/1/2015 - 12/31/2016

Schedule a site visit through the sales team at Visit Huntington Beach and received domestic round-trip airfare.*Sign a contract within 45 days of your site inspection and receive $1,000 or more towards the master folio of the group with a minimum 10...

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Spotlight Homepage

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The SMERF events market, standing for Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal, covers a healthy chunk of the meetings industry. And while the groups that fall into this sector are diver...

Historic Properties

Food & Beverage

In 2009, the Center for Gaming Research at UNLV launched a fascinating online exhibit named 50 Years of Dining on the Las Vegas Strip. Tracing the city’s food culture from the early years of di...


The West is defined for many by westerns filmed in the 1950s and '60s, which typically featured ranches and small towns flanked by towering, majestic landscapes. But while there are plenty of thes...

Meetings Technology

Hybrid elements boost international events

You can lure 25,000, maybe 30,000, attendees to your client’s next citywide event. That’s your best possible audience given the local hotel inventory and event space. Or you can open the...

A case study on integrating virtual attendees

Do you want to increase paid attendance for your next event? Go hybrid. Do you want to expand your reach to a wider audience? Go hybrid. Do you want to build new revenue streams? Go hybrid. Those...

Going Places

Paul McCluskey | FLORIDA

Specialist aircraft charter broking company Hunt & Palmer PLC this month opened a new office in the U.S. and appointed industry veteran Paul McCluskey to the key role of vice president, commercial...

Maridol Ortiz-Perez | FLORIDA

Occidental Hotels & Resorts, marketed in the U.S. by Allegro Resorts Marketing, appointed Maridol Ortiz-Perez as its new U.S. director of group sales, meetings and incentives. She is responsible f...

Jason Whitt | VIRGINIA

The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Williamsburg, in Williamsburg, Va., has selected Jason Whitt as its new director of sales and marketing. Whitt previously served as senior sales manager at the DoubleTr...

Destination Close-Ups

Close-Up: Berlin

The German capital of Berlin is a postmodern self-reorganizing system of constant change. Everywhere one looks, new or revamped components are emerging—architecture, culture, neighborhoods, tra...

Close Up: Bogota

It may have a historic heart, but Bogota’s sights are set clearly on the future. With a slew of international hotel brands debuting and a revamped airport and new convention center in the work...

Planner Checklists

Audiovisual Tips for Meetings

  Things to document regarding the venue Verify the room capacity charts. Note exact room dimensions, not just room capacities Ceiling heights are VERY important to document. No...

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