November 2012

‘Catchy’ New Branding for Des Moines CVB



The Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Des Moines Area Sports Commission now urges planners to “Catch Des Moines.” The goal: Lure more visitors, and their spending power, into Greater Des Moines and therefore further improve the success of events.


The bold, new messaging and look aims to suggest that Greater Des Moines has everything visitors want to find in a city, and things they don’t expect to find in a city: It is a city made easy. It’s easy to get around. Easy to get a table on short notice. Easy to feel safe. Easy to catch more.


“Our research shows that using the word ‘catch’ throughout our messaging demonstrates the true ease of our city, while also communicating that we are hip, vibrant and fun,” said Greg Edwards, President and CEO of the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Des Moines Area Sports Commission. “These are specific attributes visitors expect and experience here. This makes the newly identified brand more believable and relevant.”


Research findings led to the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau and Des Moines Area Sports Commission creating a new logo, tagline, website, mobile website, advertising, signage, marketing and collateral pieces. Overall, all interactions with, and messaging conveyed to, visitors and prospective visitors will be adjusted to communicate what sets Greater Des Moines apart as a destination with a quick, easy, friendly tone.


Potential Story Angles/Photography Opportunities:

•             The new website and mobile website launches throughout Tuesday night and into the morning of Wednesday, November 14.

•             Signage throughout the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau/Des Moines Area Sports Commission Office is being updated with “Catch Des Moines” signage the morning of Wednesday, November 14.

•             The visitor kiosks at the Iowa Events Center will receive a new “Catch Des Moines” look the morning of Wednesday, November 14.

•             Advertising to make locals aware of the brand will be placed on digital billboards and busboards as of Wednesday, November 14. Print advertisements will run in the Des Moines Register and Business Record throughout the next month. This is unusual as typically CVB marketing efforts are focused outside of the local market.

•             The region’s Guide to Greater Des Moines, formerly See Des Moines, will now be Catch Des Moines.

•             Expanded destination marketing opportunities exist now with the research to guide us on how to best capture prospective visitors.

•             A closer look at the research and how visitors/prospective visitors view our region.

•             How this change is expected to boost business locally.




More than one year ago, the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau, parent organization of the Des Moines Area Sports Commission, began conducting research to determine the region’s brand as a destination, as well as the brand of both organizations.


More than 500 visitors, prospective visitors, meeting/event/sports planners, local chamber leaders, the local hospitality community, staff and board members were surveyed and interviewed throughout the entire project. The new message, look and website address were tested prior to selecting “Catch Des Moines” as the new brand identity.


“We did our homework and we’re confident this will ‘catch’ on,” said Edwards. “We knew we needed to be aggressive and a little edgy to help make Greater Des Moines stand out as a destination. We used the research findings to guide us here after having the same logo and look for about 20 years. We’re ready to shake things up a bit.”


A Brand Ambassador Toolkit, including a Brand Brief, Brand Manifesto, Brand Experience, Helpful Tips and Research/Findings Overview are available on our new website:

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