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7 Predictions and 6 Resolutions for 2015

When I began drafting this blog, I ran the idea by a colleague who has been a hotel CSM and sales manager—with a third party—and is now a director of meetings at a major medical association.

He laughed with me as I said, “Whatever I predict could have an opposite and equal prediction!"

And so it is.


1. Hotel rates will go up in some markets and down in others

2. Non-U.S. individuals and entities will continue to buy and own hotels which may cause more brouhaha (like it did when the Sultan of Brunei purchased the Plaza in New York) among some groups opposed to various entities or individuals owning hotels.

3. Hotel owners will demand even greater profit; some will continue to oppose an increase in the minimum U.S. wage.

4. The US Airways/American Airlines merger will be fully implemented in 2015; we’ll lose more lift for secondary and tertiary markets. That won't be good for tourism, or for state or regional meetings.

5. Gas prices will stay down for a bit; airlines won’t lower ticket prices.

6. Most every meeting will still be set in straight rows—theatre or classroom—with some considering crescent rounds innovative. Few will be experiential even when the opportunity presents itself. The fear of change will continue.

7. Our industry, collectively, will think it’s smarter because of the use of technology; alas, it will remain the same unquestioning business it has been for too long.

My Professional Resolutions

1. I will continue reading and disseminating information via Twitter as @joaneisenstodt and for @meetingsfocus.

2. Even when a hotel puts forth a badly worded contract, I’ll maintain my calm and cool and realize it’s another training opportunity as we negotiate.

3. I’ll continue to promote Paul Radde’s book, Seating Matters to as many hoteliers and planners as I can, in an effort to help others realize the options in setting rooms for meetings. Insist hotel sales people and CSMs read it and practice different room setting.*

4. At any industry or other program in a hotel or public space, I’ll test the ADA capabilities and capacities and challenge the entities that are not in compliance or not accessible (Join me at ExhibitorLive in March to learn more about “Inclusive Hospitality").

5. When I attend a program that is just not working for me, I’ll practice what I teach: the rule of “motion and responsibility” apply and I’ll leave.

6. I’ll promote—to legislators, family, friends, strangers—that what we do is critical to bring people together to explore, create, think, and act. Every “it’s not brain surgery or rocket science” comment will be challenged immediately with the facts. I'll show 'em that meetings do mean business.

Your Professional Resolutions

Write a few. Think about why they are important to you and what you can do—what we all can do—to support change in each other and our industry. Grow in what you do by reading more and experimenting more with meetings. 2015: let's make it a revolutionary year!

Posted by Joan L. Eisenstodt

Follow Joan on Twitter: @joaneisenstodt

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