June 2014

Zoom In – Rick Giffen

by Jeff Heilman

Rick Giffen, Executive Chef, Top of the World Restaurant

How would you define the current culinary scene in Vegas?
When I moved here in 1994 to work at Planet Hollywood, Vegas was the land of the $6.99 Prime Rib Buffet and the $2.99 Steak & Eggs. Hotels ran F&B; as a loss leader. Now, we have a plethora of culinary talent showcasing creations from around the globe. Up and down the Strip, you will find both celebrity-chef-driven restaurants and local establishments that have stepped up their game.

What are some unique culinary experiences for Las Vegas groups?
Most properties offer some kind of interactive experience, such a chef’s table-type setting, or meet the winemaker dinners. We proudly do table visits in all of our dining venues at the hotel, having fun with our guests on a daily basis.

What are some of your favorite restaurants in town?
KOMEX is amazing, Blue Ribbon is fantastic, Lotus of Siam is wonderful, Leticia’s rocks, Hot & Juicy Crawfish is fun, and of course our restaurants are pretty badass as well!

What can guests look forward to at Top of the World?
Great service, unparalleled views, an extensive wine program, food offerings utilizing ingredients from around the globe and customized tasting menus.

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