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August 2013

Key Notes Hawaii (2013)

by Lori Tenny

While Hawaii is an ideal place to slow down, it is also picking up speed as a meetings and conventions hot spot, with the U.S. economy rebounding and an aggressive new marketing plan under way.

In our lead story, “Progressive in Paradise,” regular contributor Maria Lenhart examines the upswing in business and fresh sales and marketing initiatives such as Meet Hawaii, as well as the islands’ “Latest & Greatest” developments.

Hawaii’s celebrity chef-driven culinary scene is the focus of “New Tastes of the Tropics,” while “Take Five” spotlights standout retreat options, and “Home on the Range” covers group-friendly ranches.

Want to experience the islands firsthand? Check out Meetings Focus Live! Hawaii in November on the Big Island, featuring top-flight education, one-on-one supplier appointments and engaging events.

No matter what your speed, it’s all about getting down to business in paradise.

Lori Tenny

Managing and Destinations Content Director

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