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December 2014

The Top Meetings Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015



The Top Meetings Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015
Speaker: Corbin Ball


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Discover what new technology one of the meetings industry’s top tech gurus believes will impact the industry in 2015. This webinar will cover the important tech trends that will augment events in the coming year, and how to prepare for them.

From this session, you will learn the following:
Understand the important technology trends, which will likely involving mobile technology, social media, location-based technology, wearable computing and more
Gain insight on how these technologies will change our industry dramatically in the next two to three years
Learn steps to prepare for these changes to be able to work more efficiently and effectively
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Take 10

Top Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015

As far as the iBeacon with mobile apps, app developers are charging far more than $10 for integration. What options do you recommend for conferences to avoid these upcharges?
We are in the infancy stages of beacon deployment. The actual cost of the beacon starts at about $10 to $50 per beacon, but the labor it will take to configure and deploy will be higher. The good news is that...
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