March 2012

Safety and Security Checklist/Questionnaire

by Joan Eisenstodt

Our Property is accredited by SafePlace               Yes ___          No ___

  • Smoke detectors in all guest rooms         Hardwired? Y/N  ___
  • Smoke detectors in hallways                  Hardwired? Y/N  ___
  • Smoke detectors in public areas            Hardwired? Y/N  ___
  • Audible smoke detectors     - Visual alarms for people w/ hearing impairments
  • Sprinklers in all guest rooms
  • Sprinklers in hallways
  • Sprinklers in public areas
  • Fire extinguishers in hallways
  • Automatic fire doors
  • Auto link to fire station
  • Auto recall elevators
  • Ventilated stairwells
  • Emergency maps in guest rooms/hallways
  • Visible, easily accessible emergency information in all guest rooms
    • In Braille?
  • Emergency lighting
  • Safety chain or bar on door                       - Doors have viewports (“peep holes”)
  • Deadbolts on all guest room doors
  • Restricted access to guest floors                - Restricted access to the following floors ____ to ____
  • Secondary locks on guest room glass doors
  • Room balconies accessible by adjoining rooms/balconies
  • Primary guest room entrance accessible by interior corridor/atrium
  • Guest room accessible by exterior entrance only
  • Property has AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators)
  • Location of AEDs:
  • staff has been trained to use defibrillators             AED-trained staff per shift ____
  • Staff trained in CPR            CPR-trained staff per shift  ______
  • Staff trained in first aid            First-aid trained staff per shift  ____
  • Guest room windows open
  • Uniformed security                 Uniformed security are employed by venue. ___Yes   ___No

___ Employees  ___ Off-Duty Policemen   ___ Combination
Number of security personnel per shift – list times and number of personnel.

  • Public Address system
  • Video surveillance in public areas/elevators
  • Video surveillance at entrances
  • Video surveillance in hallways
  • Staff trained in issuance of duplicate keys/cards
  • Emergency Power Source: ______________________
  • SOPs for power outages _______________________________________________


Emergency call response time (for fire, police, EMTs) in minutes to your property __________
Does property have an emergency evacuation plan? (Y/N) __________
How often does property conduct emergency evacuation drills? ________
Nearest police station (blocks/miles) _______
Nearest hospital or emergency care facility (blocks/miles) _____
Facility complies with all country/state/local fire laws. (Y/N) ________

Does your facility maintain a list of personnel who speak languages other than English? ___ Yes  ___ No
If yes, where is the list kept?
If yes, what languages are spoken?

Fire Emergency Information
What actions does your facility take when an alarm sounds?

Are all guests notified in the event of a fire alarm? ___Yes  ___No
By what method?
What is the procedure for notifying guests (Sound alarm makes, announcement to evacuate or wait for further instructions, etc.)?

What is the location in your facility of the main control panel for communicating with the fire department?

Weather Emergency Information
Is there a written emergency plan for extreme weather conditions such as snowstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc.? ___ Yes  ___ No
If yes, what does it include? 

If no, what procedures are followed?

What are the property’s procedures for dealing with terrorism such as bomb threats, bombs, hostage situations, sniper, suspected bioterrorism, etc.?

In what instances has your property had to manage a terrorism situation?

Demonstrations and Confrontations
What are the property’s procedures for dealing with demonstrations or confrontations?
What is the timing for doing so?

What is your procedure for communicating with the media should an incident arise?

Where does public property end and private property begin around facility?

What is the involvement of local? State? Federal? law enforcement agencies?

Is there a space allocated outside the facility to move demonstrations? Y/N ___  If so, where?

Food Safety
Detail the frequency of inspection by county or city health inspectors and the results of the last three (3) inspections.

During a site inspection, check:
Temperature in food preparation areas - should be very cold to limit bacteria growth

How well the kitchen is policed, i.e., who has access to it? People could bring in non-sterile elements (fertilizer from newly sodded grass, cleaning solutions from housekeeping, etc.) to what should be a clean, sterile environment.

Hand washing protocols

How often the whole floor is rinsed down and sanitized

Please Describe the Following

The actions your facility changed beginning 9/12/01 for the safety and comfort of your guests:


Any change of policies governing safety/security instituted or re-instituted since 9/11/01 and/or as a result of hurricane, tornado or other emergency acts:


The communication tree among your property, local/state/federal emergency management officials, specifically evacuation plans:

Any policies in effect that govern “containment” of guests in the property for issues of bioterrorism? inability to travel because of airport closures?:


How your city’s convention center or arena/s are used for evacuated citizens:


Joan Eisenstodt founded Eisenstodt Associates, a Washington, D.C.-based meetings and hospitality consulting, training and facilitation company, in 1981. She brings 35-plus years of experience to her work with corporations, associations, hotel companies and DMOs, to facilitate and design meetings, conduct training, perform departmental audits, negotiate contracts and serve as an expert witness. Active in ASAE, DMAI, MPI, PCMA and other industry and non-industry organizations, Joan's passions for life-long learning, meeting preparation, risk anticipation and contingency planning, ethical and inclusivity practices, and meeting excellence have been well-recognized by MPI, HSMAI and NSA; as an inductee into the CIC Hall of Leaders; by the PCMA Foundation for Lifetime Achievement as an Educator; and most recently, by IACC with the Mel Hosansky Award for Distinguished Service. Joan is also the moderator of


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