June 2012

Incentive Planning: Incentive Research Foundation Tips

In its new white paper, Anatomy of a Successful Travel Program, the Incentive Research Foundation uncovered five essential elements that, when combined, formed the core of a winning incentive trip. In essence, these were the items that made the program:

  • The earning and selection criteria for the reward were clearly tied to business objectives
  • Communication about the program and the progress participants were making toward goals was clear and consistent. Anticipation built throughout the year and kept employees motivated to achieve their objectives
  • The design of the travel program, including desirable destinations, interactive sessions and leisure time for the earners, added to the overall excitement
  • Executives and key managers acted as hosts to reinforce the company’s commit- meant to the reward program and recognition
  • The company kept detailed records that prove the productivity of the earners and their contributions to the company’s financial performance.”


Sandi DanielThe Incentive Research Foundation is dedicated to advancing the science, enhancing the awareness, and improving the appropriate application of motivation and incentives in business globally. The white paper mentioned in this article can be found here.

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