April 2013

Green Convention Center Checklist

The following checklist, provided by Amy Spatrisano, CMP, principal of sustainable meetings company MeetGreen, features the best questions for vetting a sustainable convention center.

  • Does the convention center have a recycling program? If so, what materials do they recycle?
  • Do they compost?
  • Do they implement any energy efficiency strategies?  For example: Do they minimize the use of heating/air conditioning during move-in and move-out?
  • Do they use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals?
  • Do they have any water conservation practices? For example: low-flow toilets, sensors on faucets, air hand-dryers versus paper towels?
  • Do they offer large containers of drinking water versus individual bottled water?
  • Do they work with the local community to facilitate donations of left-over conference materials?
  • Do they have and enforce a no-idling policy or zone?
  • Do they purchase renewable energy as part of their energy purchase?
  • Are they located within walking distance of hotels or easily accessible to public transportation routes?
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