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July 2013

Mary Byrd, San Destin Golf and Beach Resort - Destin, Fla.


What service can you provide to groups that they normally might not receive?

I take a personal approach to every guest that I speak with. With groups, I move away from my desk and make an effort to include as many members of the group as possible. Building a relationship with group members breaks the ice and they inevitably come back for more information during their stay.

I have a world of information about Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and I truly enjoy sharing this information with our guests. Groups are a fun part of my concierge position and giving them a chance to explore the property as much as their time allows makes for a happy guest at the end of their visit.

What are your bar or nightclub recommendations?

There are some exciting bars and clubs at Sandestin. Rum Runners, John Wehner’s Village Door, Hammerhead’s Bar and Grill and the Funky Blues Shack all offer an array of evening fun. For those who would like a more relaxed bar, Lumpy’s Wine Bar (named after a former owner’s dog) is a perfect start or finish to a memorable evening in the Village of Baytowne Wharf.

Can you recommend a good place to take a stroll?

There is a small island located in Sandestin called Jolee Island that is an amazing place to take an early morning stroll. The quiet of the beginning of a day and brilliant colors as you cross the bridge and enter into a sanctuary of sights and sounds soothes the soul. The bay is a pristine waterway for fish, birds, beavers, turtles and other wildlife native to our Emerald Coast. A must see for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Are there any quirky places we should check out?

The Zip Line in the Village over the lagoon is a thrill for children and adults. The Marina Bar and Grill has a small cannon that our guests can shoot off at the moment the sun slips below the horizon. The shot is heard all over the 2,400 hundred acres, representing another beautiful day in our world at Sandestin.

What is an unusual request from a group you've had?

Once, I was asked to store hundreds of pounds of fresh caught fish, individually packaged, for 24 hours. We were successful after some thoughtful planning from our Guest Services Manager.

A party of 12 wants to have dinner right away. What restaurant can accomodate last minute requests of this size?

Several of our restaurants make last minute reservations for large parties. The Marlin Grill and Bistro Bijoux always do their best to accommodate our guests even late in the day if at all possible. The menus offer variety and the freshest local seafood prepared to perfection.

What's a unique event that has taken place at your property?

Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort plays host to several yearly and treasured events throughout the year–just another reason why groups find the resort so attractive! The Sandestin Wine Festival, located in the Village of Baytowne Wharf celebrated 27 years this past April. The event showcased hundreds of wines and celebrity guests like Paula Deen. It’s one of the best attended events on the Emerald Coast.

In addition to yearly events, Sandestin also partners with organizations. For example, last May (2012) Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort teamed up with Annika Sorenstam to raise money for her non-profit organization, The ANNIKA Foundation, that teaches children the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and nutrition. The proceeds from the inaugural ANNIKA and Friends fund raiser supported the implementation of SPARK, a physical education program that has served children in Florida’s public schools for over 20 years.

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