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Green Meetings

October 2014

Meetings Focus webinar speaker Carole Garner answers participant questions about green meetings.

September 2014

Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, make an art form of protecting and harnessing their natural resources.

September 2014

Involving company leadership and attendees is crucial to a successful sustainable event.

September 2014
Growing Greener

February 2014

Sustainable meetings expert, Nancy Zavada, shares her green meetings resolutions.

December 2013

Mariela McIlwraith details five techniques to boost sustainability in 2014.

October 2013
Southwest Florida offers a wide range of green-minded, environmentally conscious outdoor group events.

September 2013
The varied physical geography of California - from lofty mountain peaks to living deserts and over 1,000 miles of Pacific shoreline - brings visitors to the area each year which has witnessed a recent push for sustainability.

September 2013
Going Green columnist Nancy J. Zavada provides real-world examples of APEX/ASTM sustainable meetings standards and explains how they can help make a green meeting planner's job easier.

September 2013

Denver, Las Vegas, Portland, San Francisco and Vancouver are some of the most sustainable cities for meetings and events as selected by Amanda Ulbrich of GMIC.

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