Meetings Technology


February 2015

Nowadays, engagement through social media is more a sign of intense involvement than disinterest or rudeness.

January 2015

Follow these tips from social media experts before you dive into the pool.

December 2014

It can boggle the mind to gaze into the distant future at the wild meetings tech tools.

December 2014

Corbin Ball answers participant questions from his December 2014 webinar on meetings technology trends.

December 2014

Millennials aren’t just pushing the envelope, they are using technology to redesign the envelope.

September 2014

Hybrid elements can boost attendance and build new revenue streams at your event

September 2014

How the National Speakers Association went hybrid with its annual meeting

August 2014

Adding a virtual element to your international event can boost attendance and accessibility.

June 2014

Overcoming a fear of technology is crucial for today's meeting planners

June 2014

The event-specific app is a tech tool that puts all the key details in one portable place.

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